The idea was conceptualized due to its timely requirement insisted by the public.

Anyone has a dream to have his/her own place to live, a house. Two years ago, when it was mid 2015, two staff members of the company began to construct their houses including a director. But it was not an easy task to find a bass (workers) such as Mason bass, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, painters, garners who needed to make this dream come true.

One of the directors identified the importance of this with the amount of internal and external queries and initiated to bring this idea towards this wonderful solution, ‘Hoda Bass’. It is easy for users to search the solution either as ‘Honda Bass’, ‘Hoda Bass’ or even ‘Honda baas’ and ‘Hoda Baas’. The importance of having a single user-friendly online platform where we can find any of them easily, as & when needed were understood by the management and approved the project as ‘HB Project’.

The idea of developing a website made the team to think of a name for the project. That is how the name “Hoda Bass” was coined. Team suggested many names such as ‘Podi baas‘, ‘Find a baas’, ‘Ape bass’ and also ‘Hodama Baas’.  The team X came up with number of ideas to make the product unique from similar type of platforms. Thereby we designed the logo for the project & also registered as a ‘Trade Mark’. Subsequently the domains were registered. Constructing the database, features to be included for the website, method for income generation, finding investors, the method of promoting the web & many more have been discussed for hours and finalized with the help of able team under the leadership given by the management. Raking their services with the positive or negative comments has been enabled to make the product more meaningful and ethical.

As a result of teamwork by the employees, a user-friendly Android & iOS app together with the website were successfully launched in 2017. To make it unique from other solutions, we have come up with different concepts, which will be shared with the public in due course. For instance, we have given the opportunity to workers to register to the website, themselves. Also, we have enabled the users to contact us on the hotline to book a bass. We have provided useful tips to the users of the solution to make both the bass & the user happy with the online platforms.

The concept was an effort by Hoda Bass team & even if the concept is copied & used by others, the real appreciation should go to the originators of the concept.

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Shani · April 27, 2020 at 5:46 PM

Good Concept

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